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The Bullywhips

A Glee Fandom Anti-Bullying Pledge

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Welcome to The Bullywhips, an anti-bullying comm set up for Glee fandom.
the bullywhips

Welcome to The Bullywhips. We're an anti-bullying comm set up for Glee fandom, which sees a lot of bullying both within ships and between ships. We are not here to judge, condemn, or go after bullies — only to show support to victims of bullying and bring together allies of anti-bullying. We'll also be running charity events from time to time for anti-bullying causes, so be sure and keep an eye out for those! We may also think about running charity auctions, so if you think that's a good idea, please speak up if or when we make a post asking for feedback on the subject; it would really mean a lot!

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow community promos unless the community is similarly themed. However, we are more than happy to affiliate!


We will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible, but community members must adhere to all rules, so please read them!

• Be kind to each other or, at the very least, civil.

• No bullying, harassing, attacking, spamming, or bashing anyone or anything. This is not the place for that.

• If you want to promote this comm or a charity function we're running on your own LJ or your other blog/site, go for it! That being said, all official promotions are for mods only to do (ex. in LJ comms).

• We will not allow any posts containing name dropping of bullies in an attempt to get them harassed, or posts attempting to start a witch hunt. That in itself is a form of bullying, and defeats the purpose of this community. Our member entries are sent to the mod queue, so these types of posts won't make it into the comm anyway.

• Would you like to post a story about how real life or fandom bullying has affected you (either as the victim or the bully)? Go ahead. Just please, remember, no names or obvious indications to who other involved parties are unless you have their explicit permission.

• Objective or non-personal articles and essays on bullying and anti-bullying are also allowed!

• Wanna go the It Gets Better route and post a video submission? We would love to see it!

• All entries over two paragraphs, or containing large or many images, should be put under an LJ cut.

• Any charity event started within this comm must be started by the mods. Promoting charity events from other places is fine, though.

• Would you like to do a signal boost for a charity or anti-bullying event that is being run elsewhere? That's great! Just ask us first, and make sure the event is anti-bullying related.

• Please tag your posts with any relevant tags! If we don't have a tag that fits, and you think we should add it, feel free to tell us! Remember that any tag starting with mod post is for mod use only.


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Stand TogetherIt Gets BetterStomp Out BullyingSTOP Cyberbullying


Our font, Maiden Orange, can be found here. CSS and graphics were done by Tess and Magz. This LJ community uses Smooth Sailing as a base for its custom CSS. Tinyicons, twitter graphics, profile table, and first round banners and icons by Tess. Second round banners and icons (coming soon) by Magz.